The study and the development of each ADC Custom’s product is firstly sketched on paper with technical drawing,  in order to outline its essential and macroscopic characteristics. Our goal is to produce high quality components that must be perfect in their design and make our rifles suitable for the shooter of any level, from beginner to world-class professional.

That’s why our production process is quite complex and differentiated, and involves the use of latest generation CAD machineries, with which we match structural specifications, we simulate extreme stresses to anticipate any criticality, verify the quality, and always choose the best materials .


Our carbines and components guarantee maximum reliability even if subjected to intensive use, to achieve this excellence we use aeronautical aluminum grade and high strength steels. We study the project’s manufacturing and shapes with 3D projections, sections and views, and then switch to the machining schemes.

Based on the final machining schedules, our specialized technicians give shape to the materials: starting from “billets” or forged or extruded aluminum and steel create functional prototypes thanks to the use of CNC machining machines with chip removal.

The prototypes are then thoroughly analyzed by our team, which finishes the work until the product is finished.

We perform many structural and stress tests on each of our products, they thoroughly test the quality and operation.


As for the upper and lower, the heads and shutters are made by means of CNC machines, their design is entirely ADC, the care of the smallest details is thus assured, to this end we have paid particular attention to the realization of the bolt , Highly enhanced in its critical points.

Our prerogative is, for each head, mounted on an ADC rifle and then sold in conjunction with a cane to ensure its best headspace.

Even for Bolts and Carriers, we have designed a line designed for sporting activities, characterized by totally lightened components and made with special steels subjected to thermal treatments that maximize their quality and yield.


In the spirit of innovation and continuous growth, we have decided to expand our production, starting the manufacture of Barrels.

The implementation of the project was neither immediate nor simple, but now we can boast a fair range of barrels in the various calibres (222, 223, 300 and 308), length profiles and strokes complete with respective barrel extensions.

They are cold-formed by  machines, then they are profiled and camerate, taking care to maintain the coaxiality and concentricity of machining in order to determine their accuracy.


As a last step, the weapons are assembled and we proceed to shooting test.

Particular attention that we turn to our customers is the application of surface treatment of cerakote paintings and the possibility of laser engraving on demand as well as the addition of custom accessories.

The ADC carabiner production consists of four main series: M5, SPARTAN, CUSTOM and COMPETITION.

These models have very different characteristics that make them perfect for every shooter, from beginner to professional.